Geology Scholarship Application

Before you begin, please review the Scholarship Criteria.

* Indicates a required field

* Have you ever been granted scholarship aid?

* Have you reason to expect scholarship aid from any other source?

* Do you have an interest in Water Related Study/Employment?

Please write an autobiographical essay in which you cover your short and long term educational and career goals, and the ways in which you meet any specific criteria listed for the scholarship to which you are applying (e.g. leadership qualities, interest in water-related issues and/or water-related career, water policy, commitment to environmental issues, interest in graduate study beyond a master’s degree etc.). Please refer to the requirement page for each scholarship for specific details. At the end of your essay, please also list geology courses taken (at CSUSB and elsewhere) along with the grade earned in each course and average grade in all geology courses.

If a scholarship you are applying for requires an essay on a specific topic, this must also be submitted in addition to your autobiographical essay. It can be in the same file, but must start on a separate page, with a title that lists the name of the scholarship to which this essay is addressed.

Acceptance of Scholarship Terms